Zabljak is the seat of the municipality and with an altitude of 1,456 meters it is the highest situated town on the Balkans. The town represents very attractive destination, which is popular not just during the winter but also during the summer time. It is surrounded by the biggest mountain peaks, Bobotov and Savin kuk, and by Medjed in which foothill is placed the most popular lake, The Black lake. The lake is an association and a synonym not just for the mountain but for the whole Durmitor area. 

Also, one of the greatest attractions in this area represents the Canyon of Tara River twenty kilometers remote from the center of Zabljak and is placed in the very foothill of Durmitor. Tara river is also called ‘The Tear of Europe’ and has the second deepest canyon in the world , just after Colorado Canyon. The river with its emerald green color, unpredictable nature, inaccessible shores, various underground obstacles, represents one of the greatest challenges for adventurers, fishermen, lovers of rafting and canoeing. This fact is supported by the constant presence of numerous tourists, who come mainly from abroad. In 1991, In Zabljak Montenegro was proclaimed an ecological state and therefore Zabljak was chosen for the capital of the ecological state.

Due to the natural characteristics of Zabljak a tourist season here lasts during the whole year, and summer and winter tourism are equally developed. Besides all the elements of an urban settlement, Zabljak also has imposing ski slopes, chair lift, and dozens of hotels of various categories with a wide range of services, more dozens of private houses planned for tourists, two auto camps, a great number of restaurants and other accommodation.